top quality products made in E.C., available from our warehouses, in Thessaloniki and Athens

      for the markets of Greece, Bulgaria, Republic of North Macedonia, Albania:


      the following products from         


as a Distributor and Agent for the Leather Product Group  Business of  Stahl  Europe  bv

•     Dyestuffs          

•     Wet end products:  

      Syntans - Resins Rettanning – Compact Polymers

      Degreasing Agents - Fatliquors                                           

      Leather auxiliaries

    Leather Finish:

      Impregnation systems - Resins – Binders - Fillers – Dyes

      Pigments - Auxiliaries - Dullers - Modifiers - Topcoats

•     Shoe Finish:

      Cleaners - Fillers - Topcoats - Creams                       

      Repair Systems - After Care