Chemicron was established in 1996 in Thessaloniki city of north Greece and is dealing with chemical products for the industry

Acting as Distributor and Agent, the main objective of Chemicron is to supply the tanning industry with chemical products in beamhouse, wet-end stage, till finish of leather and fur treatment.

In 2006 the Powder Coatings division added in activity field of Chemicron with coating materials for metallic substrates in steel and aluminium industry. 

In 2009 the Pharma line division created and is dealing with products distributed in pharmacy market of Greek territory.

We provide our clients with products adapted to their unique needs, and develop the essential co-operations in order to offer them top quality products as well as technical support, that will enable them to act dynamically in their fields.


Chemicron collaborates with companies of the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, China, etc. while in Greece represents the Stahl Europe bv in the Leather Product Group Business, Arsonsisi spa in Powder Coatings business.

Human Resource

Our human resource is supported by  a network of technicians  with long-term experience in the market. We try to promote the constant professional specialization and information of our personnel through business visits at international organisations for exchange of knowledge and experience, as well as through participation in conferences and training programs.  

Head office and warehouses

Chemicron’s head office and central warehouse are located in greater industrial area of Thessaloniki (Sindos), in owned plant of 3000 sq.Mt.  A second warehouse located in Athens (Aspropirgos) and serve the greater area of Athens and south Greece.